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In this ft232 prolific, the FTDI is nothing be a black box and it should be blazing fast. Are you sure that your ATmega code that takes the hex file and outputs it to the device being programmed is working ft232 prolific

What code are you using on the ATMega8? Is it something that takes the hex file and then converts it into an SPI stream for the ISP of the device being programmed? The other sections atmega8 and the ft232 prolific chip 25L is working properly.

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Top Experience Points. EE World Online. Quote from: alkopop79 on May 28,am. PCIe serial port.

Metal USB Hub. USB 3.

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ft232 prolific Use old driver and you are good to go at the fraction of a price. A fake chip could subtly weaken an encryption key, thereby making it easier for a third party to decrypt comms. Eg, if RSA is used for key exchange, and a dynamically generated aes key is used for encrypting the payload, then weakening the aes key generation would plausibly go unnoticed.


A further clue may be where you got it and what you paid for it. As FTDI chips are often sought after they ft232 prolific to be relatively pricey hence the market for fakes. If you bought yours for significantly less than that or bought it on a large online marketplace ex. But if i want to take ft232 prolific arduino board where the ftdi real one then, from where should i buy it? Ultimately when buying any piece of hardware you have to trust that the manufacturer did their homework and used good parts. I recently ran some checksummed long-term transfer tests on an ch arduino and had like 1 in a million bytes error.

Not too bad but not too good either. Thats a PPB error rate… pretty fucking horrible.

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That would be a horrible error rate for an on-board protocol like PCIe, where the PCB designer has a high degree of control over signal transmission. An asynchronous serial port ft232 prolific is typically connected by unshielded twisted pairs is not like this. Raw data from a serial port ft232 prolific never be considered an error-free stream. This is why we have specifications — they tell you how far off something can be without causing problems.

FTDI Drivers Break Fake Chips, Again

With a 16 MHz base rate, anbaud rate transmission is between 3. Ft232 prolific the crystal with a That error goes away entirely. Well… I mean, I agree at some level. I mean, USB will basically never let an error through.


Which is what the FTDI ft232 prolific is. Someone should really do that…. CHG is garbage because of the unsigned driver and shady download site. Hence why the FTDI is cloned so much. They put the money and effort in to getting it right and others are trying to profit from it.

Shady download site? Where are you ft232 prolific your drivers from? How the manufacturer download site could be ft232 prolific as anything related to shady?For testing i used a commercial usb to serial convertor which uses prolific. When i tried FT at my final board, the speed is very very low. I've had multiple OS crashes (Win 7 and 8) with Prolifics, to the extent that I stopped using them altogether.

FTDI FTW. level 1. dragon 1 point · 4 years ago.

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