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The model silked on this board is-Intel VX. I have searched using this info on Intel and other sites with no luck.

Chipset Guide

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Fast gives faster performance; and Slow gives more stable performance. This field applies only when synchronous DRAM is installed in the system. The chipset can "speculate" on a DRAM read address, thus reducing read latencies. The CPU issues a read request containing the data memory address. The DRAM controller receives the request. When this field is Enabled, the controller issues the read command slightly before it has finished decoding the data address. Intel 82430vx necessary, the system designer may insert a wait state into the memory data access cycle. The system designer must select the correct timing for data transfers from the write buffer to memory, according to DRAM specifications.

If you have set a password, select whether the password is required every time the System boots, or only when you enter Setup. MIDI musical instrument digital interface is a standard adopted by the electronic music industry for controlling devices, such intel 82430vx synthesizers and sound cards, that emit music. Select Enabled for the appropriate port if a MIDI device is connected to serial port 1 or serial port 2.

Intel Bios Award Vx Dynamic Random Access Memory Bios

intel 82430vx Software that resides in a read-only memory ROM chip on a device is called firmware. Firmware not shadowed must be read by the system through the 8-bit X-bus. Shadowing improves the performance of the system BIOS and similar ROM firmware for expansion peripherals, but it also reduces the amount of high memory KB to 1 MB available for loading device drivers, etc. Enable intel 82430vx into each section of memory separately. Specify the memory speed of the DRAM allocated for video memory. If ECC is enabled see the previous fieldsselecting Enabled here tells the system to report an error when a correctable single-bit error occurs.

After the selected period of system inactivity, all devices except the fixed disk drive and CPU shut off. Other devices, notably most graphics adapters, do not need interrupt service at all. Assigning INT B has no meaning unless the device in the slot requires two interrupt services rather than just one.

Lost your password? This conversation is currently closed to new comments. This board was sold under many different brand names. Half-duplex mode permits transmission in intel 82430vx direction only at a time.

Award Bios Setup

If no infrared port is present in the system, select Disabled. Parallel Port Mode Intel 82430vx an operating mode for the onboard parallel port.

Select Normal, Compatible, or Extended unless you intel 82430vx certain both your hardware and software require one of the other modes offered in this field. Typing a password clears any previously entered intel 82430vx from CMOS memory.

Now the message changes:. To abort the process at any time, press Esc. Then the password function is disabled.

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Epox P55TV2 Manual

I had good experiences with it.on Intel Pentium processor and is equipped with four PCI slots, intel 82430vx standard The PTV is designed with Intel VX PCIset chipset which is developed. Intel VX Chipset.


Common Name, Triton III. Chipset Packaging, Number of chips, 3 (VX System Controller, VX, SB).

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