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Also, and this is the key, I can feel the glute muscles on the right side of my butt contracting. If you lift weights, it kind of feels like a deadlift. During the backswing, make sure you've maintained a straight left compressing the golf ball with that goes no further than horizontal for more control on the downswing. Feet position should be 25 degrees open throughout the swing to give you more of a stable base especially when hitting a ball back in your stance. Instead, your swing will rely more on timing to hit good irons which can result in some good days and bad days. During your backswing, the number one goal should to getting your weight on the right side of your body. If you hang on the left and reverse pivot, you will keep weight on the left side.

On the downswingyou want to start with your hips and make sure your weight is moving back to your left side. Again, one of the biggest mistakes amateurs make with irons is keeping their weight on the backside and trying to help the ball up.


I want to remind you again, there is plenty of loft on the club to get the ball airborne. Unlike swinging with your driverirons should never approach the ball on an ascending arc. Anything 90 or above is not low compression so always keep to the lower range of numbers.


Bridgestone low compression golf balls are arguably some of the best on the market. They regularly receive high praise for the quality of their low compression golf balls and you will find a nice selection including the Bridgestone e6 Soft and Bridgestone Tour B RX.

Golf Ball Compression

They are also available in different colors, such as yellow. Callaway are another major golf brand who have developed a nice range of low compression golf balls. Again, these are available in a range of colors including yellow, red and pink. Other top golfing brands who have produced low compression golf balls include Srixon, Wilson, TaylorMade, Volvik and Titleist.

Compress the Golf Ball

These are all leading names in the world of golf and there is a great selection of low compression golf balls on the market. As with most golfing equipment, choosing the best low compression golf balls is not easy. Some players will prefer using one low compression golf ball over another purely on personal taste and how the ball feels on the club face. However, there are some leading contenders that are worth considering when looking for the top rated low compression golf compressing the golf ball with.

The golfer twists their hips and their shoulders to swing the club. The energy they exert transfers to the clubhead, which propels the golf ball when the two make contact. The relationship between speed of the clubhead and initial velocity of the ball is dependant upon the coefficient of restitution compressing the golf ball with the golf ball, which in itself is dependant upon the type of ball being played. Fredrik Tuxen - one of the founders of TrackMan refers to spin loft as compression itself. To get a better understanding of how the numbers work let me give you a few examples: Jack hits a 5 iron with the face pointing at 16 degrees and the clubhead moving 2 degrees down.

Bob swings at the same speed as Jack with his 5 iron and he gets the face pointing 15 degrees up and the clubhead moving 6 degrees down. Jack has a spin loft of 18 and Bob has a spin loft of September 24 Don't Miss This. References Golf. Email a valid email email. First Name your full name. Free Instant Access. Low Back Pain And Golf. Hit 20 balls compressing the golf ball with this drill then take the duster away and try to replicate the same action — you should notice how much the quality of your ball striking improves!

Best golf practice drills: how to compress the ball better

Balls may be marked with manufacture names, ball types and compression numbers. Many golf ball manufacturers print the compression and description on the package.

The compression markings range from 70 to Ever watched a Tour pro up close on compressing the golf ball with range? His iron shots don't just soar — they sizzle. That's not just because he hits the sweet spot with. One of the most important aspects of great ball striking is compressing the golf ball.

Now, we've all heard that statement and we know the feel of.

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