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Sometimes, particular relationships need to be maintained among a target's build properties. For example, you might want to set specific define when a library is built as shared, or when bjam build target's release variant is built. This can be achieved with conditional requirements.

Compile the static Boost Libraries in Windows - The DarkMod Wiki

Sometimes the ways a target is built are so different that describing them using bjam build requirements would be hard. For bjam build, imagine that a library actually uses different source files depending on the toolset used to build it. When built they are placed in their own directory " bin.

Normally the Jam language grammar parsing files are not regenerated. The target directory can also be specified with the --prefix option. Once boost is installed, you can then compile Moses. bjam build

Boost.Build User Manual

However, you must tell Moses where boost is with the --with-boost flag. Jam is needed to use Boost.

Currently the supported ones are:. Conan conan : currently supports the b2gen generator.

Boost Build System

Immediately upon starting, the Boost. Build engine b2 loads the Jam code that implements the build system. To do this, it searches for a file called boost-build. When found, the file is interpreted, and should specify the build system location by calling the boost-build rule:. If location is a relative path, it is bjam build as relative to the directory of boost-build.


This arrangement allows the build system to work without any command-line or environment variable settings. In this case, running b2 anywhere in the project tree will automatically find the build system. The default bootstrap. This section contains the list of all rules that can be used in Jamfile — both rules that define new targets bjam build auxiliary rules.

Creates an executable file. Installs built targets and other files.


Creates an alias for other targets. Bjam build an executable that will be automatically run. Specialized rules for testing.

The check-target-builds allows you to conditionally use different properties depending on whether some metatarget builds, or not. This is similar to functionality of configure script in autotools projects. The function signature is:.Installing BJam after building it is simply a matter of copying the generated executables someplace in bjam build PATH. bjam build


For building the executables there are a set of. There is a in your boost directory. Run bjam build. It will build bjam automatically (probably using visual c++).

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