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By: David Fraas. By: Johnny Justice. By: Claude Williams. This is because it is designed in a layered fashion, adodb mysqli an onion, with the fastest functions in the innermost adodb mysqli. Stick to the following functions for best performance:. Consider using bind parameters if your database supports it, as it improves query plan reuse. Use ADOdb's performance tuning system to identify bottlenecks quickly.

At the time of adodb mysqli Decthis means oci8 and odbc drivers. This doubles the speed of this operation.


Execute is the default way to run queries. Both these functions share the same parameters as Execute.

Calling this function bypasses bind emulation. This is great for inserts, updates adodb mysqli deletes. Calling this function bypasses emulated binding, debugging, and recordset handling.

You might want to modify ADOdb for your own purposes. ADOConnection checks for this variable and will call the function-name stored in this variable adodb mysqli it is defined.

Moving from MySQL to ADOdb

Don't forget to call the constructor of the parent class in your constructor. Adodb mysqli that reaching EOF is not considered an error nor an exception.

If you want to use the default ADOdb drivers return false. Adodb mysqli ADO, not tuned for specific databases. Allows DSN-less connections. This is the base class for all ado drivers. Unix and Windows. Unix install hints. Microsoft SQL Server 7 and later. Note that date formating is problematic with this driver. For example, the PHP mssql extension does not return the seconds for datetime!

How to Write Code for Any Database with PHP ADODB

Unix install howto adodb mysqli another one. Portable mssql driver. Useful for porting scripts from most other sql variants that use. Unix install howto.

Cacti h and PHP - [RESOLVED] - Cacti

MySQL with transaction support. We recommend using as the concat operator for best portability.

Since 2. Use this driver if porting from other databases is important. Otherwise the oci8 driver offers better performance."do I also need to change all instances of MySQL_* functions to MySQLi_*" The answer is yes. Different MySQL APIs/functions do not intermix. Adodb mysqli must use. ADOdb is a PHP database class library that provides powerful abstractions for performing queries and adodb mysqli databases. ADOdb also hides the differences.

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