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XonarSwitch Beta Testing

Try testing the card in different pc, to make sure that it does work. You must log in or register to reply here. CarvedInside 08 Oct This is not a XonarSwitch problem. This is a driver problem.

New ASUS Xonar DX not working right

CarvedInside 09 Oct But if you know, why did you post the question under the XonarSwitch page? I found a workaround…! I used to date a girl who was asus xonar dx beta little obsessive about what she ate. At every opportunity, she would buy fat-free, low-calorie, or otherwise diet derivatives of common food items.

Fat-free ice cream, for example, lacks the all-important creaminess that fat provides. Unsalted potato chips fall flat precisely because they lack salt. And Diet Coke, well, that just tastes wrong.

Asus’ Xonar DX sound card

Diet versions of existing products tend to be hollow representations asus xonar dx beta the originals, so we were understandably a little cautious when Asus announced its new Xonar DX sound card. The PC hardware giant stormed onto the sound card scene with the Xonar D2X just a few months agoputting longtime market magnate Creative on notice. Naturally, then, the DX is missing some of the features and extras of its full-fat cousin. Keep reading to see how the diet Xonar fares without them. The Xonar DX differs from its D2X cousin in many ways, but some of those differences are more important than others.

Take the audio chips used in each card, for example. Signal-to-noise ratings once again favor the D2X.


Despite differences in SNR, both cards support high-definition audio at up to 24 bits and kHz across all their inputs and outputs. Like most modern sound cards, the Xonars feature 7.

Support for real-time Dolby Digital Live encoding is useful for folks who want to play games on multi-channel speakers using a digital output. Sign up to join this community.

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  • That's not you, right?

Nor does Speccy. Having switched slots with my Wi-Fi card. Would you rather be manipulating all the settings and swapping input sources on the digital reciever, or would you rather spend that money on a better dedicated amp, and do all the settings and have a consolidated media library asus xonar dx beta a computer.

If the answer is no, then the on board TOSLink is a no brainer. My setup is consolidated. Nothing else. It really is a sweet setup.

New ASUS Xonar DX not working right Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

Been doing this for years. The point I am making here is that the D to A conversion happens someplace.


In my scenario it is the Receiver that does the conversion. I think that would depend on the DACs in your receiver. The Logitech Z The Revolution is the better of asus xonar dx beta two.

Like myself. A setup like that would actually be less expensive than getting a good receiver just for the purpose of powering my speakers. Getting a fancier setup is cheaper with analog than digital too.

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So, if I want to put a Rane band EQ in between the audio card and the amp is inexpensive and easy. All of my other many games: not.The beta testing of XonarSwitch is taking place on the MaxedTech website, DGAsus xonar dx beta, DG SI, Essence ST, Essence STX, Essence STX II, Xense, Xonar H6 as Asus Control Panel, including switching between front and rear panel where. Free Download ASUS Xonar DX Audio Driver Beta for Windows 7 ( Sound Card).

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