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In wider non-Allegro allegrox mpu 401, the two words can mean quite different things. BITMAP: a widely accepted term that will be understood by anyone even remotely con- nected with computer graphics.

It simply means an image built up from a grid of allegrox mpu 401, ie. A more accurate term but slightly rarer term with the same meaning is "pixmap" pixel-map. Originally on machines like the C64, sprites were a hardware feature allegrox mpu 401 allowed a number of small bitmap images to be loaded into special registers, and they could then be superimposed over the main graphics display and moved around just by modifying the position register.

They were used for the moving objects player and enemy charactersand enabled the C64 to do much more impressive things than would have been possible if all the drawing had to be done directly by the puny CPU. In recent years some people have started using "sprite" to refer to any character graphics, even if they are not in fact drawn as 2d bitmaps, eg. This is a confusing misuse of the word Doom uses sprites, Quake does notbut it does happen. The origin of the term "blit" is allegrox mpu 401 rather interesting. This was originally BitBlt, an abbreviation of BITmap BLock Transfer, which was a function designed possibly by the people at Xerox who did so much of the pioneering work on graphics display systems, and subsequently copied by virtually everybody doing computer graphics the Microsoft Windows GDI still provides a BitBlt function with identical functionality to the original.

This routine was a workhorse for all sorts of drawing operations, basically copying bitmap graphics from one place to another, but including a number of different ROP modes Raster OPerations for doing things like XOR, inverting pixels, etc. A whole family of related words grew up around the BitBlt function, but "blt" is impossible to speak try saying "bltter" or "bltting" :- so people added the vowel to make it easier to pronounce.

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Thusly, the act of calling the BitBlt function allegrox mpu 401 to be known as "doing a blit". This leaves us with a function called blitwhich is an abbreviation for "block transfer".

Anyway, all the routines in this chapter are affected by the clipping rectangle of the desti- nation bitmap. The source x and source y parameters are the allegrox mpu 401 left corner of the area to copy from the allegrox mpu 401 bitmap, and dest x and dest y are the corresponding position in the destination bitmap. This routine respects the destination clipping rectangle, and it will also clip if you try to blit from areas outside the source bitmap. As a general rule you should avoid blitting from the screen onto itself in SVGA modes.

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In mode-X, on the other hand, blitting from one part of the screen to another can be significantly faster than blitting from memory onto the screen, as long as the source and destination are correctly aligned with each other. To take advantage of this, in mode-X it is often worth storing tile graphics in a hidden area of video memory using a large virtual screenand blitting them from there onto the visible part of the screen. This is extremely fast, so when this flag is set it may be worth storing some of your more frequently used graphics in an offscreen portion of the video memory. Unlike most of the graphics routines, blit allows the source and destination bitmaps to be of different color depths, so it can be used to convert images from one pixel format to another.

Moreover, the source must be a memory bitmap. The source and destination regions must not overlap. This is extremely fast, so when this allegrox mpu 401 is set it may be worth storing some of your more frequently used sprites in an offscreen portion of the video memory.

Warning: if the hardware acceleration flag is not set, masked blit will not work correctly when used with a source image in system or video memory allegrox mpu 401 the latter must be a memory bitmap. Transparent pixels are marked by a zero allegrox mpu 401 color modes or bright pink for truecolor data maximum red and blue, zero green.

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This is ex- tremely fast, so when this flag is set it may be worth storing some of your more frequently used sprites in an offscreen portion of the video memory. Warning: if the hardware acceleration flag is not allegrox mpu 401, draw sprite will not work correctly when used with a sprite image in system or video memory so the latter must be a memory bitmap. Although generally not supporting graphics of mixed color depths, allegrox mpu 401 a special case this function can be used to draw color source images onto truecolor destination bitmaps, so you can use palette effects on specific sprites within a truecolor program.

Moreover, the sprite image must be a memory bitmap.

Flipping vertically means that the y-axis is reversed, while flipping allegrox mpu 401 means that the x-axis is reversed, between the source and the destination. This produces exact mirror images, which is not the same as rotating the sprite and it is a lot faster than the rotation routine.

The sprite must be a memory bitmap. This must only be used after you have set up the color allegrox mpu 401 table for color modes or blender functions for truecolor modes.

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Because it involves reading as well as writing allegrox mpu 401 bitmap memory, translucent drawing is very slow if you draw directly to video RAM, so wherever possible you should use a memory bitmap instead. As draw sprite this function skips transparent pixels, except if the source sprite is an 8-bit image; if this is the case, you should pay attention to properly set up your color map table for index 0.I dont think why driver ess allegro x mpu had peroxide. Use the links on this page to download the allegrox mpu 401 version of ESS Maestro2E MPU Compatible (WDM) drivers.

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