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The overtones and overdrive simply give its performance excellent. The level knobs and the ibanez ts9 vs boss blues look amazing due to the output ports that assure a good sound is produced. Originally posted by dwerlin i'm also mostly going to be using the pedal on top of the Blues Jr. Thats my setup of choice too and imo the one thing that Yngwie got right. Think of this: The Blues Driver sounds like a cranked Fender amplifier.

Can't say anything bad about the TS9 but Keely Electronics takes it to the ibanez ts9 vs boss blues level with there Mod versions. Thomas Jefferson. Page 1 of 4. You are commenting using your Facebook account. As is the case with a number of the pedals listed here, the original Klon Centaur is no longer in production.

Blues Driver BD-2 VS Tube Screamer TS And The WINNER Is ..

This is an updated version of the pedal based closely on the original. Compared with the majority of the other pedals listed here, it is still in the higher price bracket. But, they are limited production and so not as easy to find.

My choice among all 4 would be the latest gen of the OCD. I just think it's the most versatile, distinct and covers a broader spectrum.


Maybe with your SS amp The BD2 adds the base tone with my amp for a great rhythm tone and the TS9 is used for solo tones My BD2 has the original Keeley mods no phat switch and I like it with the gain up around o'clock for a nice nasty Marshall like tone with my Ibanez ts9 vs boss blues an excellent remake of the classic Tube Screamer, but it has a blend knob that mixes in a sparkly clean signal too. Early ibanez ts9 vs boss blues people recognize this pedal due to its effects and balanced tone proportions. The old signature of BD-2 is excellent as ever.

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This comparison sounds pretty accurate to our ears as well. The knobs are your disposal are the typical Volume, Drive, and Tone, and they are very touch sensitive. The Fulltone OCD is quite responsive to your guitar's volume and tone knobs as well as your playing dynamics. Play softly to keep the OCD at bay, and really dig in to unleash its power. We found the Tone knob can really increase the brightness of a dark sounding amp, or conversely tame a bright amp. I use my OCD with gain at about 3pm so that I can access some killer solo tones and roll down the volume for rhythm playing. Excellent pedal. I leave it on all the ibanez ts9 vs boss blues during gigs.

Tube Screamer vs. Blues Driver

Extremely versatile and can fit into almost any rig and sound awesome. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Ibanez ts9 vs boss blues Limited SR Special Recipe was very much a refined Blues Driver type pedal in a medium-sized enclosure - with the same controls as the original and very similar tone - but smoother.

It has now been discontinued for a while, although does pop up now and again on Ebay and Reverb. Age: 43 Messages: 2, I have to go with the boss yellow pedal I cant remember what it is called but I thought it was super over drive.

Tube Screamer Vs. Blues Driver: guitargeek — LiveJournal

I have a TS9 and a BD 2 and they are both on the shelf. Both pedals do a great job of maintaining the original tone of the guitar. I've had both but got rid of the Blues Driver and just have the TS-9 now. If you want an ibanez ts9 vs boss blues overdrive tone, with the ability to crank up the gain and get some distortion tones as well, go with the Blues Driver; it does a good job as clean boost too.

Blues Driver BD-2 VS Tube Screamer TS 808 And The WINNER Is ..

The TS-9 has a smoother sounding overdrive, and more of a mid range boost to my ears than the blues driver does. Tags: None.So which will win the Battle of BD-2 vs TS pedals? Blues Driver BD-2; History of Blues Driver BD-2; Tube Screamer TS; History of Tube .

old video from BOSS channel is showing some how to config sound for BD That's exactly how I see it, but I like the BD 2 more. The bd-2 crackles more on higher gain while the ts9 retains the flavor from lower gain.


Well that's my take.

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