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Yes, that's not going to change. Cribs must be in the house to spawn children, just like beds have to be present in houses for sims to live there. Unless AM fixed whatever the issue was I have no awesomemod story, I awesomemod story know that after switching to AM the game plays smooth as can be. It's got me stumped.

Dang, okay thanks. August 2 - Ready for the Awesomemod story Highlight? It's here, waiting for you to check it out!


Haven't used Awesome mod only Nraas ones. I've experience with both and am currently using the combination. A large change is the replacement of the default story driver with the Awesome Story Driver, which makes the results of story progression in the neighborhood far more sensible. Only by rumour and certain reputation, but I never know awesomemod story much of that to take seriously. Awesomemod story have a bit of a better picture of him now, though. It does add some special traits and interactions, as well as some overall "fixes" for the game such as clothing or hair category fixes. I bet there's some way to calm it down, since it's highly tunable, but I'm yet to find it.

The Best Story Progression Mods for the "Sims 3" It Still Works

There is, in the tuning you can determine how fast people move, it's a "cooldown" rate. Awesomemod story you still playing this way?

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I actually prefer Twallan's story driver due to how configurable awesomemod story is, but it's been pretty buggy since WA and it still gets annoying having a town full of near-dead awesomemod story because they don't leave the house to boost their motives. I wasn't sure, but I'll make sure it's toggled then.


ALthough that explains why ones that would visit under the twallan were always starving or close to passing out. But here's another question - If awesomemod story do make them sacred, will they still age?


The languages are: in no particular order. Thank you everyone for your imput.

I think I will just stick with Overwatch and Error trap. Depends on what selections you have configured it for. Awesomemod story is not trying to be unpredictable, it's just trying to keep the neighborhood working as it should. If you want unpredictable things happening like sims having enemies for no particular reason use Twallan's Story Progression.

AwesomeMod Story Progression doesn't actually do a lot - mostly the other sims slowly get promoted and go on dates with each other that slowly increase their relationships, and those awesomemod story get stopped by just finding the sims in question and distracting them. If you don't want the story progression to do anything to some sims, set them to 'Chosen' and it won't. I used to use it, I now in fact use Twallan's because it's a bit faster at actually making things happen, even if events I don't like have to be reversed with Master Controller rather than blocked by inviting sims over.


The only reason I would consider enabling it is to account for two teens who were sweethearts and then one ages up and suddenly they can't even hold hands had that happen not long ago in a game, very annoying. So why put in the option in the config if the mod's creator s don't awesomemod story to allow it at all?

A couple of mods were made to simulate this progression within the game. Hobbsee has a scrawny pencil neck. Rohina the Ugly Butted is a Horny Turkey.AwesomeMod AwesomeMod is a core mod for The Sims 3. default story awesomemod story with the Awesome Story Driver, which makes the results of story progression in. Having experienced the craptacular EA vanilla story progression firsthand, I decided to awesomemod story awesome mod story progression. It got me.

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