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Posted January 11, Posted January 23, Posted April 11, This problem again, but some solutions founded! Best wishes, Andrew. Keith McMillen KBoard.

Novation XioSynth. Jul 17, Question Could I buy a split 8 pin cpu cable and plug logilink midi usb into a 4 pin cpu cable? Jul 16, The voltage changes produced by applying pressure to the FSR were simultaneously recorded by the mixer in order to synchronize responses with the auditory feedback.

Technical Details

Each percussion pad comes with a range of audio patches. For this reason, I tested several patches for each percussion pad, excluding those that were sound effects, symbols, or instruments with no clear onset or offset e. Moreover, because the HPD20 contains about patches, only a selection of dissimilar patches were tested, and duplicate sounds i. For tonal percussion instruments, only those with the highest pitch were chosen. To optimize response detection by the percussion pad and make audio logilink midi usb detection easier, the devices were configured such that all effects and reverb were turned off, sensitivity levels were set to maximum, and threshold levels were set to minimum.


An FSR onset was measured as the time for which the normalized amplitude range — 1 to logilink midi usb exceeded. For each FSR onset, the corresponding audio onset was the first sample at which the absolute normalized amplitude exceeded 0.

To further aid in audio onset extraction, logilink midi usb data were smoothed such that each sample of the audio signal contained the maximum value of the preceding 44 samples logilink midi usb 1 msexcept for the first 44 samples of each recording, in which no onsets occurred. Data collection continued until at least audio onsets had been extracted for each audio patch tested. Due to the large number of audio patches tested and the fact that these patches likely varied between instruments, I do not present all individual pairwise comparisons between these instruments.


To deal with the problem of unequal data points and variances, a LMEM was fit to the data, with the fixed factors latency group two levels: lowest latency, highest latency and logilink midi usb three levels: PercPad, HPD20, SPD6and the random factor response approximately levels. I allowed unequal variances across the levels of device and latency logilink midi usb, which was decided on the basis of visual observation that the residuals were highly nonhomogeneous for the various devices and instruments.

The model was fit using the lme function of the nlme library Pinheiro et al. The LMEM was used to analyze all dependent variables. Right column: Latencies for instruments with the lowest and highest latencies for all logilink midi usb pad devices.

Error bars represent standard errors of the mean. The results indicate that devices differ in the speed at which MIDI messages logilink midi usb sent following a response.

A2 unknown smd diode and tried 1N diode, same result 5. It cannot handle the Midi frequency rate.


Hi, ResidentEvil… did it work for you change the opto isolator for any of the suggestions of Siro? You can see that PC has less response time faster than PC with the same resistor value. My local electronic shop only has PC I can guarantee you if PC works, t will. You saved me. Saturday, February 11, PM.LogiLink® Adapter USB to Midi In-Out. USB MIDI Cable for Midi Devices & Keyboards; USB A Male to logilink midi usb MIDI 5-pin DIN Male IN/OUT; LED for operation and. The Rock Band keyboard detected a MIDI cable and switched to MIDI mode, PC properly detected USB MIDI device, but there were no.

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