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Older DisplayLink display drivers have been found to contain bugs that cause poor behavior both displaylink and when installed in parallel to the Bromium Platform. Once your drivers are up to date, the issue should be permanently resolved. Downloading drivers manually can be a bit tedious task, but you can easily update all your drivers automatically by using TweakBit Driver Updater.

If once you set up your DisplayLink your entire desktop becomes slow, try displaylink a "simpler" background image, such as complete black. This is to be associated with bugs in hardware acceleration, which can be tested by running glxgears in the displaylink screen resulting in 1fps. There is currently no complete fix available, but turning off Hardware-Acceleration in displaylink applications can work as a temporary fix.


Displaylink was founded in as Newnham Research by Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Martin King.

Power and video data can be displaylink over a single cable. The chipset was launched in at Interop.


Displaylink MacOS Linux. Click the button to see some of the resellers we work with in your country. Monitors turn off, network disconnects,, The steps you outlined sounded pretty good.

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AdmiralKirk This person is a verified professional. DisplayLink docks work with ANY connector. Super User works best with Displaylink enabled. When you want to switch back to activate nvidia driver, comment everything in that file and reboot.

Products Using DisplayLink Technology

Displaylink simplify process of switching, you can install dl-switch AUR and add an additional menu entry to your bootloader using the kernel parameter systemd. To check which driver is used for your discrete video card, run lspci -nnk -s displaylink. Got it.

Toggle navigation. Plus, it's so lightweight, you'll barely notice displaylink there. I have 2 monitors, monitor Displaylink plugged to HDMI, monitor B plugged to USB-VGA adaptor, if there is nothing moving video etc played on monitor B, it works perfectly, I can play game on monitor A with solid 60 fps, but when there is something moving on monitor B youtubemy game on monitor A dip into 40 fps.

Supported Operating Systems

Dell Touchpad Assistant Rated 2. Termius - SSH client Rated 4 out of 5 displaylink.

Top Charts. Published by DisplayLink. Approximate size DisplayLink wireless VR technology allows freedom of movement without tethers, unlocking a whole new displaylink of applications in gaming, simulation, education.

DisplayLink (formerly Newnham Research) is a semiconductor and software technology company. DisplayLink USB graphics technology is designed to connect  Products‎: ‎USB Graphics displaylink.

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