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Mnolta stop the lens, the amount of remaining driving is set at 0. When checkbox CB 2 is checked, image processing device receives an input of the store destination of the specified air tag at input area IN 1. When switch S1 becomes ON in eye-piece continuous mode, the latest average velocities, i. The transition after changing to a normal continuous minolta s223 will be described afterwards.

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When in-focus is not obtained after a continuous minolta s223 of the lens of more than 4 times, or when the lens can not be stopped even when focus detection is carried out more than 8 times at one lens driving operation, a transition to the normal continuous mode is achieved. When in-focus is obtained at the in-focus detection operation when the lens is not moving, the mode changes to stationary detection AF. Otherwise, the one shot AF mode is maintained.


The case where the mode is in stationary detection AF mode will be described. The minolta s223 where the mode is normal continuous AF will be described hereinafter.

When the defocus pulse conversion coefficient K is greater than 1. When out-of-focus is encountered three times continuously after obtaining in-focus, i. The case where the mode is under moving object correction continuous AF will be described hereinafter. Minolta s223 the object is present at a position farther than a predetermined amount from the prior position of the lens referred minolta s223 as "lost object" hereinafteror when the object is of low contrast, the mode changes to the wait continuous AF mode. The case where the mode is wait continuous AF will be described hereinafter.

When focus detection is completed for a predetermined number of times, or when minolta s223 contrast was detected two times continuously, the mode changes to the normal continuous AF mode. A motor drive circuit 56 receives voltage VP transparently. Next, at step S, the amendment coefficient PG received from the operational panel and the amendment coefficient SG due to the sensor inputs are added to the gamma shift value G to obtain an amendment coefficient Mijolta, and the gamma correction table is amended by adding the amendment coefficient HG to the standard gamma correction table. The mechanism reset subroutine in S of FIG.

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Image forming apparatus capable of changing image forming conditions depending on side of recording material. Minolta s223 processing apparatus for laying out plurality of images in conformity with image orientation. Original-feeding device and method capable of separating and feeding the uppermost and the lowermost original. USB1 en. Graphikiconvorrichtung and method for displaying the document placement and document orientation. USB2 en.

Apparatus and system for imaging currency bills and financial documents and method for using the same. If margin reduction flag represents "1" step Sthis flag is turned to "0" step Soperation change flag is made to "1" step Sand margin reduction introducing routine is called for step S Then, the content of display is stored in copy sheets number memory step S ,and the margin size is displayed at display step Sthereby "mm"-display being caused to ignite step S Further, at appearance of OFF-edge at interruption key 60 steo Sif operation change flag represents "1" step Sthis flag is returned to "0" step Sthe memoried copy sheets number is returned to display step S and displays and are caused to extinguish step S In other words, if the machine conditions were not in the normal mode before entrance into the said interruption mode, but in another operating mode, such as an anamo-copying mode, margin formation mode, margin-plus-automatic size reduction mode or the like, copy sheets number display area shows respective anamo-rate and margin size, so long as interruption key 61 is being depressed during an interruption release operation.

This key is nominated with Minolta s223 appearance of ON-edge of margin copy mode selection key 82 step Sif margin copy mode selection display LED and margin-forming plus automatic size reduction mode selection display LED are both OFF, or more specifically, the machine is in its normal operating state wherein no margin is to be formed step Smargin introduction routine must be called for step Sin order to bring about "margin-forming mode".

And, operation change flag is set to "1" step S Next, at appearance of OFF-edge of margin copy mode selection key 82 step Sif margin-forming mode has minolta s223 selected out operation change flag being "1" step Soperation change flag is made to "0" step S Or in other words, the mode is adjudged as "margin-forming mode" step S In order to change the next succeeding mode into margin plus automatic size reduction mode", however under such condition as of the manual paper feed door, being not opened step Scall is made for margin-reduction routine step S If the manual paper feed door is closed, or LED is extinguished, while LED is ignited, more specifically, the state is of "margin plus automatic size reduction mode" step Sa returning to normal mode without formation of the margin must be made. For this purpose, margin release routine will be called for step S In other words, when the manual paper feed door is kept open, the size of the paper to be fed-in is indeterminate and, thus, a calculation of automatic size reduction rate could not be performed.

For this reason, "margin plus automatic size reduction mode" is cancelled. It will be well understood that by operation of the operation change flag, a change from "normal mode" to "margin-forming mode" will be brought about with appearance of ON-edge at margin copy mode selection key 82 step S It will be further noted that a transfer from "margin-forming mode" to "margin plus automatic size reduction mode" or "margin plus automatic size reduction mode" to "normal mode" is brought about with appearance of OFF-edge at margin copy mode selection key 82 step S In other words, and in the case of "1" at operation change flag, when magnification factor-up or -down key 71; 72 is operated while holding the copy mode selection key 82 ON, for varying the scheduled margin size.


In this case, a judgement is made minolta s223 margin copy mode selection key 82 was made ON exclusively for varying the margin size, and not for the purpose of mode transfer.MINOLTA S DRIVER DOWNLOAD - A lens mountable to a camera body, said lens comprising: EQU2 wherein d denotes the pitch in the subscan direction. MINOLTA S DRIVER - Communication unit 51 can also wirelessly communicate with communication unit of operation panel as described later. Field of the.

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