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You assign this feature to a button, where it is listed as "WebWheel". When clicked, it brings up a circular cordless mouseman optical of commonly used functions. It looked like a nice add in and I've seen other reviewers liking it.


If you game at all, don't assign that feature to a button. I discovered to my horror as I was testing the mouse performance with Tribes 2, that it will cause the WebWheel menu to pop up in game! Not a good thing. Games that don't like being task switched will hate that Everquester's take noteas it causes a focus shift to the menu. cordless mouseman optical

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Not to mention I immdiately was transformed into a member of Tribe Sitting Duck. So I won't be using that one much myself. Otherwise the software cordless mouseman optical up to par as far as mouse software goes. The physical aspects of the mouse turned out to be slightly daunting to me.

I've used Microsoft mice for many years, as with many others. I've gotten used to the MS shape and accustomed to them, in particular the size and dominent placement of the cordless mouseman optical. Mark Forums Read.

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Help with logitech cordless mouseman optical. User Name. Remember Me? Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical You agree to receive updates, cordless mouseman optical and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services.

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You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. AA type. The MouseMan Optical has special low-power optical hardware and extra power saving features, which give it an official battery life of "up to 3 cordless mouseman optical. Well, "up to 3 months" is a term which includes periods of time "down to ten seconds", but it's actually not an unrealistic claim, as we'll see.


There's no one angle that shows you what shape this thing is. It's not actually as weird-looking as that might imply but, from most angles, it does look more like a Vorlon hand grenade than a mouse. Click on this little picture and you'll see a pixel wide version, which may manage to give you some idea of what shape the gadget actually is. Fortunately, it feels a lot less weird than it looks, and is actually rather more like a plain semi-rectangular mouse than Logitech's pseudo-triangular MouseMan designs of the past. It's a nice feeling piece of hardware, if you don't object to its shape. The button microswitches have a satisfying click, the rubberised wheel doohickey has a pleasing springiness, the single low-placed side thumb button's easy to miss when you don't want to press it and easy to hit when you do.

Most of the side thumb area is just a rubber grip. The sculpted shape of the mouse also means that you can, in a pinch, use it with your left hand. It's not ideal, and it's certainly not a product a lefty's likely to want to pay for, but if you're left handed and find yourself stuck with one of these, you'll hate it less than you will other asymmetric mouses. Here's the hardware in the Cordless MouseMan Optical kit. You get a CD and minimal paper documentation as well; the main manual's on the CD. The cordless mouseman optical module has about four feet of cable, and you can put it pretty much wherever you want.

The one button on the receiver activates a resynchronisation procedure; there's a tiny press-it-with-a-pen button on the bottom of the mouse that does the same thing. Also when companies list dates and life cordless mouseman optical for things it is usually a bit under what they really can last just to be safe and to protect them from any problems.

Looking back at the details on this cordless mouseman optical, it has the looks and style that can make anyone speechless, it has so many options and buttons to customize that no matter what you are doing on the computer you can make it easier with this keyboard, and finally the overall great quality and helpfulness brought to you from Logitech. All this makes this cordless mouseman optical able to look incredible and still perform outstanding under almost any situation, I have chosen 1 thing to leave you all with, I think the picture speaks for itself.

Review: Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical

Cordlessness brings versatility, convenience and comfort. As there are no cables, your desk surface remains neat and clean.

You'll be free to work cordless mouseman optical way you want and move your keyboard and mouse according to your current task. Logitech cordless products use digital radio technology, which guarantees reliable communication even if your desk is crowded with cups, books and piles of paper. In sum this mouse has all the great looks with its sleek blue and gray color scheme and the nice logo embedded on top, the top 2 technologies optical and cordless in one mouse with a range of 6 feet combined with the technology that saves the lives of your batteries so you barely ever have to change them, the MouseWare's customization options and the ease of use while working or gaming, all of these make this mouse the leading one on the market and the most comfortable and useful mouse I have ever used.

Now here is some final picture of the whole bundle the mouse comes with. In this article, eliteHW will show you how to properly change that ugly led to a color of your choice! Warning, neither I nor eliteHW are accountable if you mess up your cordless mouseman optical On we go!Sorry, there is not any getting started material available for this product. We've put everything you need to get started with your Cordless.

Logitech is the first to combine optical and cordless mouse technology with the Cordless MouseMan Optical. This mouse will never require.

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