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Roland Fantom-XR Rackmount Synth / Sampler Reverb

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Fantom-G6 has a note velocity sensitive keyboard with channel aftertouch. Version 1. I tried it on fantom xr and "replace" and then LPX quite unexpectedly.

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Photo: Mark Ewing. The Fantom xr X is Roland's best-ever workstation, but it has suffered from one or two annoying omissions, such as the ability to import Roland's own sample format.


Can the v2 OS and editing software provide the solutions? Even without an internal sequencer, the Fantom-XR's voices and capacity for over 1GB of waveforms make it the perfect module for use fantom xr a computer or hardware sequencer. Version 1. It should be mentioned that if you are frequently swapping between Patch editing and PC file-importing tasks, the XR's USB mode has to be changed on a frequent basis. This involves the tedious process of powering off, unplugging the USB cable, powering on, changing the USB mode, saving the System settings, powering off, plugging the USB cable back in, and powering up once again — all of which the manual insists must be adhered to rigidly. After a while it all becomes a bit much, especially considering that many users will mount their XR in such a way that the rear USB connection will fantom xr inaccessible, and some will also have their computer in a soundproofed cabinet, or even located in a separate room.


Converting Sseries samples to run on the Fantom is finally possible — albeit in a rather complicated way As you can see in fantom xr screenshot rightthe user interface for this is very simple — all Patches on the disk appear in the lower list and can be sorted by type or alphabetically. For the most part, you'll want to leave the sample-conversion method on the Auto setting. A highlight is probably the pianos are terrible. The guitars are not bad, I'm a little low in the DCU against it, but spending time in a program there must be a way out I think its well phat.

Roland FANXUP1 & Fantom XR

The lead is more electronic sounds are really good on the whole, may be working too hard so that I can not use half I would have leaned more on the prog srieusement. The effects section is really of quality and a variation on There's quite mind-blowing effects, my prfr lofi-compress, to make dirty beats good old school there's no better, we believe to have an old 8-bit sampler hands! At the bottom of the screen, a Preview button allows you to audition what you have been doing to the sample, whilst the remaining six buttons open separate windows to perform 'hardcore' editing functions. The time-stretching, truncating, emphasis, normalising and sample amplitude processes can either overwrite the existing wave data or make new versions of the processed waves. The 'chopping' process in particular benefits from this visual form of editing — chop points can be added, deleted and dragged with the mouse, and the resulting 'chunks' can be auditioned via 16 virtual pads, similar in appearance to those found on the keyboard Fantoms see below.

The Patches are nicely organized by group too, which is fantom xr bonus. I don't know how he did it, but Matt was able to authentically replicate, among other things, many of the signature 'Brecker style' sounds in these banks. I am a huge 'Brecker' fan and these patches are super fast and can accommodate ridiculously complex licks that I couldn't do on other sampler based synths. Even the processor intensive fantom xr patches seem to handle everything I toss at it without showing any signs of bogging.

I can't bog down a Roland processor now" documents for further details. My first impulse was to convert each Patch one at a time and save fantom xr file with a name of my choice, but this does not work.

When conversion is complete, and before you can proceed with the actual import, the XR's desktop drive icon must be 'ejected' to terminate USB communication with the PC. However, the task is not yet over — in order to play or edit your imported samples, you must return the XR to USB MIDI mode, with all the usual unplugging fantom xr powering on and off Please check the fields highlighted in red. You can also contact our Product Support department by phone or email. If you want a synth module that can do it all, with responsiveness on par with an analog synth, then get a Fantom Fantom xr with Matt's wind controller patches.

Today I spent most of the morning setting up special banks on my memory card for my gig at the beach next weekend.

Can't wait to play them and get the band member reactions! I was digging the flutes so much, then I got to Patch 5 and the clarinet just blew my socks off, and I had to start this email to tell fantom xr I better start recording with this one. As for the JV, the power of the Fantom is in the cards when it really operates four velocity layers: the expression is great.

Roland FANXUP1 & Fantom XR

Very important part indeed especially fantom xr is very good: it simulates very realistic acoustic conditions without coloring the sound. The expander is absolutely great especially for those who do not just use the presets.

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The software allows you to edit samples with incredible ease.The Fantom-XR brings powerful sampling and synthesis to a convenient 1U rack module. With room for over 1GB of sounds, this affordable fantom xr sets a new. The Roland Fantom XR is the fantom xr version of the Fantom X synth / sampler workstation. Produced init offered many banks of high quality sounds.

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