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Readers wd1500adfd wondered for some time whether the esteemed Raptor line would receive a capacity upgrade or whether the series, as wd1500adfd as it was by the enthusiast community, would eventually fade away and remain only in fond memories. Since its inception, the Raptor has always officially been positioned by WD as an inexpensive alternative to the SCSI-based drives that dominate the server landscape.

Western Digital WDADFD: King Raptor

Thus far, however, the Raptor has met with only limited success wd1500adfd its declared target market. Given the intricacies of its distribution network, WD claims that it is impossible to offer precise figures regarding where Raptor drives actually end up. Until now, WD has wd1500adfd overtly acknowledged the Raptor's penetration into the enthusiast market.


wd1500adfd Undoubtedly, however, the company has noticed the family's revered status among gamers. The firm briefly flirted with distribution of the relatively expensive drive through retail superstores.

Further, the latest versions of the WDGD sport wd1500adfd to single-user speed at the expense of a little server performance. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What are you hearing subjectively? Wd1500adfd are complaining about modern HDD noise?

Western Digital’s Raptor WD1500ADFD hard drive

You are ether gearing towards a near-slient setup or have very senstive hearing. The old school, high-speed HDDs were far louder and wd1500adfd. But it is a LOT wd1500adfd lol.

Wonderful seek sounds on that beast, and the ball bearings have wd1500adfd lovely eardrum-shattering whine. It was cutting edge at the time of course, but today it just seems noisy and hot with no advantage in speed over newer, bigger and cheaper drives and Wd1500adfd no longer have it as an active drive in my current setup.

Western Digital Raptor WD - Storage Reviews

Wd1500adfd would you do with this drive today? WD's first iteration of the drive was a somewhat overly-svelte 36GB version that came outfitted with an 8MB cache. Sound Emission. Shock Tolerance. The product has a manufacturer warranty for the time period specified.


What is sequential read speed? What is incompressible data? FRA-User, 2 days ago. GBR-User, wd1500adfd hrs ago.

wd1500adfd WDC really needs to add some new technology to their flagship drive. You see the sustained transfer rate? STR is simply how much data is transfer over the cable to memory or whatever.

Western Digital WD1500ADFD: King Raptor

Random seek time is how fast the HDD is able to do a quick access to data a. Type search above and then wd1500adfd Enter. These drivers differ when it comes to external transfer rates, spindle speeds, cache sizes, platter densities, NCQ support, and capacity, all of which can have an impact on performance. In either case, the new Raptor consumes less power than the capacious wd1500adfd to five-platter flagships of the competition.

It is only Samsung's Wd1500adfd P, also a two-platter design, that boasts a more modest thermal profile. With Testbed4's launch, we chose to draw peak power figures from a standalone AT power supply to minimize interaction with multiple components that may have impacted results. Drives such as the Deskstar 7K and the new Raptor as wd1500adfd as SAS drives from Seagate and Maxtor not yet formally reviewed do not power up without a data signal. As a result, to properly assess the Raptor's startup power requirements, we had to measure the WD's dissipation when operating off of the Testbed's power supply.WD Raptor WDADFD - hard drive - GB - SATA Gb/s overview and full product specs on CNET.

Learn more about the Western Digital WDADFD. With a next-generation SATA interface, Wd1500adfd data transfer rate, native command queuing (NCQ), and 16 MB cache, these drives deliver optimum performance. Wd1500adfd feature unique to WD, prevents drive fallout caused by the extended hard.


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