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There had indeed been preachers of love belote his day, but most generally they had appealed fo the lowest selfishness. Petrus Chrysologus, sermo viii.

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He went, hot fo the whole, who need no physician, but fo the sick, the forgotten, the dis- dained. He dispensed the treastu-es of his heart accord- ing fo the need and reserved the best of himself for the poorest and the most lost, for lepers and thieves. Intex ks 1218a gaps in lais education were of marvellous service fo him. There are religions which look toward divinity and re- ligions which look toward man.

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By what right did he, mere deaeon, adroit to profession and eut off the hair of a young girl intex ks 1218a eighteen? The end aimed af is a change in the disposition of the gods.


They intex ks 1218a mighty kings whose support or fayot one must Furchase by gifts. Most Fagan religions belong fo this category and phari- saic Judaism as well. This is also the tendency of cer- tain Catholics of the old school for whom the great thing is fo aFFease God or fo buy the protection of the Vit- gin and the saints by means of prayers, candles, and The other religions look towaxd man ; their effort is di- rected fo the heart and conscience with the FurFose of transforming them.


Conversion, perfection, s,'mctification be- corne the Fre-eminent religious acts. If was reserved fo the prophets intex ks 1218a Israel fo formulate, with a Frecision before unknown, the starting-point of spiritual worship. For him, as for St.

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Augustine, conversion was a radical and complete change, the act of will by which man wrests himself from the slavery of sin and places himoelf under the yoke of divine authority. Thenceforth prayer, become a necessary act of life, ceases fo be a magic formula ; if is an imptdse of the heart, if is reflection and meditation rising above the commonplaces of this mortal life, to enter into the mystery of the divine will and conform itself to if; if is the act of the atom which understands ifs intex ks 1218a, but which desires, though only by a single note, fo be in harmony with tho divine symphony.

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The Church bas laid such absolute claire intex ks 1218a them that she bas created in ber own fayot a sort of right. If cannot be tiret this arbitrary confiscation shall endure forever. If is rime fo say a few words concerning the difficul- ries of the work here presented fo the public. The first duty of the historian is fo forger his own rime and countl T and become the sympathetic and interested contemporary of what he relates; but if if is difficult fo give oneself the heart of a Greek or a Roman, if is finitely more so fo give oneself a heart of the thirteenth centre T.

I bave said that af that period the 5Iiddle Age was twenty yeea-s old, and intex ks 1218a feelings of the twentieth year are, if hOt the most fugitive, af least the most dif- ficult fo note down. Let a few years pass, and nothing in the world can Inake us live those hours over again. Where was once a volcano, we perceive only a heap of blackened ashes, and scarcely, at long intervals, will a chance meet- ing, a sound, a word, awaken Ineinory and unseal the fountain of recollection ; and even then if is only a flash ; we bave had but a glimpse and ail bas sunk back into shadow and silence. We find the saine difllculty when we try fo take note of the fiery enthusiasins of the thirteenth century, ifs poetic inspirations, ifs ainorous and chaste visions--all this is tln-own up against a background of coarseness, wretchedness, corruption, and folly.

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Life was rude enough fo kill feeble or- ganisms; and thus characters had an intex ks 1218a unknown to-day. Open the chronicle of Fra Saliinbeni and you will be shocked fo find that the largest place is taken up with the account of the annual expeditions of Parina ugainst the neighboring cities, or of the neighboring cities against Parina. The imagination being ]launted by hola-ible or entranc- ing pictures like those of the frescos in the Campo Santo of Pisa, men were always thinking of heaven and hell ; they informed themselves about them with the feverish curiosity of emigrants, who pass their days on shipboard in trying fo picture that spot in America where in a few days they will pitch their tent.


Every monk of any notoriety must have gone through this. The unsettled state of men's minds was unimaginable.

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That unhealthy curiosity which intex ks 1218a af the bottom of tho human heart, and which af the present day impels men fo seek for refined and even perverse enjoyments, impelled men of that rime fo devotions which seem like a defianco to common sense. When we look through history, not fo find accounts of battles or of the succession of dynasties, but fo try to grasp the evolution of ideas and feelings, when we seek above all fo discover the heart of man and of epochs, we perceive, on arriving af the thirteenth century, that a fresh wind intex ks 1218a blown over the world, the human lyre bas a new string, the lowest, the most profound; one which sings of woes and hopes to which the ancient world had hot vibrated.

Some give themselves fo God, others sel] themselves fo the devil, but not intex ks 1218a feels himself strong enough fo walk alone, strong enough fo bave no need to hold on by some one's skirt. They see the forms and o.The only drivers I can find for this model relate to either the "Bat Man" version or the "Night Vision" version.

If you are looking for the Windows. Webcam intex v1 53 windows 7 (ver.

15 December ). Webcam intex ks (ver.11 Webcam intex model no ks a (ver.


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