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There was a lot of dust packed down on the roller track on top. I used a small paint brush to sweep it while vinyl express qe 60 air. Give it a try before you buy parts. Jan 11, 1 junray New Member 23 0 0 Vinyl express qe 60 9, I've read all I can find on this forum about this cutter from Signwarehouse. Jan 11, 4 Service Sign Co Very Active Member 2, 0 36 Nov 9, Southaven I have a Jaguar 3 and was surprised that it tracked well, probably wouldn't work well on laminated prints or sandblast and the roll option I stay away from. Jan 11, 5 Techman Major Contributor 8, 8 38 Jun 24, michigan Visit Site Then why would any one even consider getting this one.

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Adjusting and Mounting the Cutter Pen Individual cutter blades have a variety of features. Select the optimal cutter blade to suit the medium to be cut. Suitable for cutting media up to 0. Suitable for cutting media 0.

There are two different cutterpen plungers to suit the diameter of the cutter blade to be mounted the 0. Be sure to mount the cutter blade in the corresponding cutter-pen plunger. Step 2 Turn the plunger cap in the counter-clockwise direction vinyl express qe 60 remove it from the plunger. Step 3 Remove the blade from inside the plunger cap. Step 4 Insert the new blade into the vinyl express qe 60 provided in the plunger cap. Be sure to adjust the blade length correctly. When the knob is turned by one scale unit, the blade moves approximately 0. One full turn of the knob moves the blade approximately 0. If it is not possible to accurately determine the medium thickness, adjust the blade length by gradually increasing it until only traces of the blade appear on the backing sheet after a cutting test is conducted.

Step 2 While pushing the pen holder in the upward direction, push the pen all the way into the holder until its flange contacts the upper part of the holder. Set the command mode to suit the application used. The default setting is 0. Mainly for a hobby. I go to use it tonight and find that my little grandson has vinyl express qe 60 playing on it and now I can not get it to cut.

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An Error Message Was Displayed Appendix A Main Specifications Appendix B Options And Supplies Condition see all. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format see all.


All Listings. Still in good operating order. Eight groups can vinyl express qe 60 managed, and they initially correspond to the pen setting areas, so that group 1 corresponds to setting area 1, group 2 corresponds to setting area 2, and so on.

Дробилка 90 60 qe

If two or more setting areas are vinyl express qe 60 in a single group, the total calculated distance for that group will be the sum of the individual area values. It is also possible to include vinyl express qe 60 factors for each setting area to correspond to the different wear rates for different materials and cutting conditions. For example, if setting areas 1, 2, and 3 are combined into one group with respective total distances of A, B, and C, and the respective factors are 0. If the power is turned off while cutting is in progress, the cutting distance for that operation is not included in wear-detection calculations.

Press the PREV. The display above will disappear, and the distance calculation will restart from zero. MARK This registers setting areas in groups. The display above indicates setting areas 1, 2, 4, vinyl express qe 60 5, belonging to group 1. Use the or key to move the cursor to the group number or setting-area number to be set.

Select the required group number, display the setting-area numbers to be registered, and vinyl express qe 60 press the ENTER key to confirm. Each setting area can only be registered in one group. To register a setting area in another group, it must first be removed from the group in which it is registered. Initially, setting area 1 is set to group 1, setting area 2 to group 2, and so on, so setting areas must be removed vinyl express qe 60 one group before being registered in another. The factor can be set to between 0. This starts the total-distance calculation from zero. Is it still double cutting Bunny, and does it go there evertime you plot?Cutting mat.: Cutting or plotting is performed on this mat. Grit roller.: Feeds the medium backward or forward.

SignTools 4 Setup Instructions for a SummaSign D plotter

Push rollers.: Pushes the medium against the grit. On every new vinyl cutter, you will find a Cutter Protection Strip.

This Step tutorial details the workflow of printing, cutting (w/ Qe60 Plus) and pressing color .

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