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Not familiar with it, but Soekris boxes [soekris. I guess I'll have to place future orders with the knowledge that I'm buying discontinued stock. I really hope that something fills the niche that the geode had. Amd geode chipset aren't really any offerings using VIA or Atom processors at those prices and form factors.

There are a ton of single-board-systems that use ARM or Freescale which should be better picks amd geode chipset but the fact is that not al. I have been using a Geode based PC Engines board as my personal firewall with m0n0wall for years with nary a hiccup.

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The whole server consumes a total of 3 watts when playing F. Seems an odd decision when Intel is selling so many Atoms; the 'Athlon Neo' amd geode chipset interesting, but at 15W it's going to have a hard time competing with Atoms at W even with Intel's crappy inefficient chipsets attached to them.


That's exactly the problem though: at this price point, volume is critical. For AMD to make the Geode look attractive and get their volumes up, they'd have to pare their margins back to the bone, or perhaps even take a loss on each chip. Given the current climate, you can see why they don't want to take that gamble. And if they were banking on the XO getting the volume up, well, we all know how that's panning out. Yes, but this is precisely the reason why AMD should drop the Geode. They amd geode chipset improved the microarchitecture much since it was purchased from NatSemi, and NatSemi just kept bolting-on crap to the MediaGX chip they bought from Cyrix. In other words, the Geode today is the same-old architecture from with a few tweaks and node shrinks.

In order to cash-in on the netbook craze, AMD amd geode chipset. That's true, but the problem is that Windows won't run on anything but x86, and even Linux isn't nearly complete on the ARM as it is on x On top of that, things like PCIe and other expansion buses quite simply aren't available on non-x86 systems. These chips aren't about embedded devices, but rather more like embedded computers, if you will.

The aim is to give most of the features of a standard computer, including pretty good performance, RAM, etc, in a lower power way. One big one is the lack of FPU standards, that means that any general purpose linux distro for arm has to compromise in the floating point department. The old debian arm port is targeted at a FPU almost noone uses anymore meaning floating point generally has amd geode chipset be done through kernel emulation which is encrediblly slow. The new debian armel port uses software floating point which is faster but still not brilliant.

Geode (processor) - Wikipedia

There was talk of offering optimised. That really depends on the use of the low power system.


Amd geode chipset of the big reasons to use X86 is simply Flash. If you want to use Flash going with the X86 is the path of least resistance. So lets say you want to make a desktop box that can play YouTube, Hulu, and other media. If you build it with Linux and an X86 you will have no real technical issues getting it working. VIA is an option but so is the Atom. It includes an embedded Sigma Designs chip same one found in some Blu-Ray players. It crunches through P x like butter. It also makes a helluva lot more sense to go with a SoC System on Chipas soon as power and size are even remotely factors in the decision making. It's not because AMD drops out of the low-power energy manufacturing that the world is going to end, it just means they're focusing on things they're good at. I'm not talking about the Atom either, which is a whole different area. Maybe I'm going completely bonkers, but if I were to build a low-power system, Intel and AMD would be last on my list, by quite a margin.

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End of the Road For AMD's Geode Chip - Slashdot

Quite honestly, when you look at what a SoC can achieve these days, Amd geode chipset wonder why you would even look at an "embedded computer". I think we are getting to a point where we should starting to draw a line between PC and Embedded Amd geode chipset. Re: Score: 3Informative. Linux on arm is improving but there are still problems.

That looks like a nice box. How well does it work with a Media Server? I don't like replying to my own replies BUT.

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It sucks. Intel Atom Score: 2Interesting. Re: Score: 3Insightful.


Though I wouldn't expect them to be out of it forever.NSC/AMD Geode CS Southbridge for Geode GX(2) and socket and chipset compatible" with AMD's Socket A. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, AMD Athlon, Geode, GeodeLink, 3DNow!, and combinations thereof, The Amd geode chipset Geode LX processor has an on-chip AES bit.

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