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Well worth your purchase. Skinbone Great Tees Excellent tees, they do not break and give extra distance. Posted August 2, The best tees for 460cc recommendation as say that the center point of the ball should be even with the top of the driver which would then seem to make sense out of using. But in the end I suppose it is really a matter of personal preference.

Four Keys to Hitting a cc Driver Better

Currently using Jedi mind tricks to hover the ball 2" off the ground, it's the perfect height for me! Anything that reduces spin I will try.

Hitting Nickent 9 degree 4DX yards. I will report back on performance. Just also got Tour V2 to play with.

What Length Tees? - Golf Talk - The Sand Trap .com

So we shall see! I got turned on to Tomahawx golf tees from another blog. Gotta say I was skeptical at first, but now will only use them. I think you can only get them from their website…. Just controlling the height of the tee alone has allowed me best tees for 460cc be way way more consistent in my ball contact — and better contact definitely has improved my driving dramatically. My Nike has a circle in the mioddle of the face - so that best tees for 460cc be the sweet spot - certainly when I hit the ball there it gose better!

Pink for me, but I've not hit a driver for weeks. About the Author Kevin Downey began his career in the golf industry as a club professional, but later turned to the equipment side. Crazyface wrote see You should best tees for 460cc use the castle type tees. Blue means its a fluffy fairway lie, the best you can get.

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Lairdy Yorkie Disco Dave. Matthew Hargraves wrote see no one using the offset tee's I tried them before they went on sale as part of a user feedback group. This helps me produce a higher trajectory and less backspin.

Different Golf Tees

Techniques to Get a Straight Golf Drive. The manufacturers claim this design provides your ball with a higher launch angle. Is the ball aligned with the center of the driver face? Hurray, does Scratch have any?

4 Tips For Blastin’ A 460cc Driver

I went from a cc driver to a cc this year. This is many reasons why long drive professionals use 4 inch golf tees that are barely teed into the grown. If not playing well then slightly higher.

Seems a little low to me, but alot of you use them so i guess they must perform well like that are the majority of you using pink tees using large driver heads? Also i think the theory behind the wooden tees being less harmful to driver faces is cos they can break on impact which restricts the amount of resistance Vs the plastic tees which simply need to be pushed out the way with the club face I dont know if that actually happens, and if it is really detremental or not, dunno if any of you ever keep the same driver long enough for it to ever be a long best tees for 460cc problem anyway?The old adage has always been that the top of best tees for 460cc driver should be about halfway up the ball when it is teed up.


However, with a cc driver. What size golf tees do you best tees for 460cc and why" with a cc driver (I actually use the . The Callaway spike tees, the ones that had the rubber top break.

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