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War produces veterans, wounded both physically and mentally. They have sacrificed for us Posted 07 February - PM All firewall, anti-virus and malware protections are turned off, but it still says "data unaccessible" not unreliable as previously stated, translation error. Is there anyone having a clue about the problem? Posted 07 February - PM I'm guessing that the drivers on a cd Posted 08 February - AM I actually copied the driver on the harddisk the first time before trying to install it. Posted 15 February - AM I am afraid hugepine usb to serial no one can solve my problem Where can i find Huge Pine driver usb to serial convertor?

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This option requires basic OS understanding. Solid product - works on Win 7 64 bit I'm convinced the cable is a solid product.

Cannot Install Driver For Serial To Usb - Internal Hardware

No comment on included driver disk I recommend following the first 8 steps below. I tried using the "Windows Update" option referred to on reviews here, and on countless other forums to no avail, because they fail hugepine usb to serial mention a key point. By jdr.

By SilverStone Technology. Works with Samsung pro It just works And that is all anyone really asks for in hugepine usb to serial product like this. I recently purchased a Gigabyte X99 SLI motherboard and needed one of these to use the full bandwidth of the drive as the M. I attached the drive to the adapter, plugged it in and it booted into windows right out of the box. By Dylan B. Adding a graphics card covers the M. I placed the wider strip of thermal material on the motherboard and fitted the SSD back on the slot.

Huge Pine USB to Serial Ports Driver

It did not make contact with the thermal material. I added the thinner strip on top and still no contact. I added the two pieces of material I cut off to make the thermal material the correct length.


Still no contact so I folded the entire stack over in half and it was just right. Perfect PCIe solution for M. Knowing I did not have an M.

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My only issues I had were not related to this card but to configuring the drive through my BIOS and getting it to boot properly. My system immediately identified the drive hugepine usb to serial connected with this card I just had to get creative about getting Windows 10 to install and boot from my Samsung EVO that was attached. I had to contact Yateng and allowing for the difference in time zones and the International Date Line found them to be extremely responsive and helpful. Most adapters seem to be M Key only. I also decided that I might as well have the option for cooling just in case. I had to contact the SSD manufacturer who said that I should use the lowest slot i.

Huge Pine USB to Serial Ports (COM6) - windows 7 drivers [FOUND ]

By Les. Yes, it works but don't expect miracles I was given an M2 NVME SSD for free and so wanted to install it in an eight year old desktop with no M2 slot and this card would let me do exactly that. What it won't do and it's not the fault of the card, it's hugepine usb to serial BIOS is let me boot from this card with the M2 drive installed. BIOS won't recognize it as a drive upon startup even though Windows Explorer recognizes it as such after boot up.Looking for the Huge Pine USB to Serial Ports driver? Install, then connect your USB device and chose to.


Use the links on this page to download the latest version of Huge Pine USB to Serial Ports (COM5) drivers. All drivers available for download have been.

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