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This is to make sure that no thread running in the context of a miniport-edge entry point for a VELAN will ever access an invalid lower binding handle. Note that the Intermediate miniport driver does not close its lower binding from any context other than its UnbindAdapter function. At its upper edge, NDIS intermediate miniport the MiniportXxx functions to communicate the requests of one or more overlying protocol drivers. Runtime Environment.


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The following figure illustrates the internal bindings between the virtual miniport and the intermediate driver protocol. I also setup the 'Debug View' software to check the driver messages from intermediate miniport adapter.

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The messages are from the 'datapath. I am intermediate miniport able to understand what is actually talking to the adapter? Intermediate drivers are used to translate between different network media and balance packet transmission across more than one NIC.

NDIS then passes the packet to intermediate miniport miniport driver by calling the appropriate MiniportXxx function exported by the miniport driver. The sample demonstrates creating multiple virtual network devices on top of a single lower adapter. Protocols bind to these virtual adapters as if they are real adapters.


The data that pass the filter go to the counter, that keeps some variables like the number of packets and the intermediate miniport of bytes accepted by the filter and updates them intermediate miniport the data of the incoming packets. These variables are passed to the user-level application at regular intervals whose period can be configured by the user.

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So, it is a intermediate miniport place to filter network packets at an Miniport Miniport Driver imtermediate driver. Filter Incoming and Outgoing Packets 3. After the mini- port driver loads, the intermediate driver loads and binds 5. A protocol driver then sends down requests to query the capabilities of the adapter.

The in- When the intermediate driver receives an outgoing packet termediate driver simply passes these requests down to the from the protocol driver, it copies this packet to its pre- adapter, and send the responses back up to the protocol allocated packet, and send this new intermediate miniport down to the mini- driver. The miniport driver then send this packet out. Bullying and suicide.

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Search this site. From Wikipedia, intermediate miniport free encyclopedia. Serialized drivers rely on NDIS to sequence calls to miniport functions and to manage send queues. A miniport driver is a driver that connects hardware devices to higher-level drivers protocol drivers, Intermediate drivers and filter drivers and implements sending and receiving data on the network adapter.


Instead, the intermediate driver binds intermediate miniport virtual miniport and its protocol internally. When the underlying miniport driver indicates received packets, responds to a protocol driver's requests for information, or indicates status, the intermediate driver propagates such packets, responses, and status up to the protocol drivers that are bound to the virtual adapter.At its lower edge, NDIS calls the ProtocolXxx functions to communicate requests from underlying miniport drivers. The intermediate driver looks.

A miniport-intermediate driver combines a miniport driver intermediate miniport a virtual device, a protocol driver, and a miniport driver for a physical device.

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