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It also powers and charges the E7. There were no obvious flaws or red flags like obvious hiss, channel balance problems, rolled off frequency response or fiio e7 dac distortion.


So the E7 does have its limits. The maximum output is similar to the NuForce fiio e7 dac the max gain in USB mode is lower making more of the volume range usable. The analog amp was clean with low zero distortion into ohms, very flat extended response, an unusually low output impedance, and enough output for most headphones fiio e7 dac to be used with a portable amp. After hours of torment on the bench, I could elicit only some minor bad behavior: The E7 has limited output into high impedance loads which could be an issue for certain power hungry cans. And this might be made worse as the line input only has 4 dB of gain USB is fine.

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And there was some noise well above the audible range that, despite being completely inaudible, some might object to. The E7 has much less distortion and channel balance error along with a much lower output impedance, lower jitter, more output power with typical headphones, optional bass EQ, a line input, portable battery operation, more accessories, and costs less. Fiio e7 dac that fiio e7 dac remains when evaluating the performance.

HTC HD2 -> Fiio E7 DAC

The E7 is hard fiio e7 dac beat for fiio e7 dac price unless you have power hungry full size high impedance cans. Is the microcontroller in the E7 also talking to the Windows driver? That would require splitting the endpoints between 2 devices which would be a bit odd in this application. The channel balance is also excellent the lines for each channel, for a given load, are difficult to tell apart and it changes very little with loading. The output is obviously direct coupled with solid response down to an ear drum rattling 5 hz:. Anything less than 1 dB is generally considered inaudible so this is still very good performance.

The graph covers a more narrow frequency range due to the limitations of 44 Khz CD audio. This is a new measurement showing the fiio e7 dac distortion in blue from fiio e7 dac spectrum above with the same ohm load in the time domain rather than the frequency domain. Notice the blue scale on the right is in micro volts.

FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

The peak distortion is only 0. The distortion rises to a still respectable 0. But the TPA is having more trouble here than with ohms:.

This is still plenty respectable, and very likely completely inaudible, but the Wolfson DAC is capable of better. This test indicates how well the DAC can handle clipped signals. fiio e7 dac

Fiio E7 review What Hi-Fi?

With the E7 the distortion fiio e7 dac only slightly from about 0. The 0. This is a very good performance:. With less negative feedback available to correct errors, the distortion rises—sometimes dramatically. This test also often reveals poor high frequency stability, feedback loop design errors and PCB layout mistakes creating undesirable parasitic coupling or ground problems.

The E7 is twenty times cleaner at only 0. The measurement bandwidth for this test runs out to 80 Khz to include the fiio e7 dac and 3rd harmonics of the 20 Khz signal.


Also note the frequency response is only down 0. It requires sustained amounts of current from the power supply and stresses any electrolytic coupling DC blocking capacitors in the signal path.USB audio decoding and output for PC, functioning as a high quality external USB soundcard; Build-in headphone amplifier utilizing AD; And Texas. FiiO E7 portable headphone amplifier with USB audio decoder (DAC). This fiio e7 dac is designed to replace Fiio e7 dac on board sound card that do not.

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