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Might be worth checking in the manual.

Digidesign Digi 002

Each of the eight inputs is equipped with a fader, pan pot, mute and solo buttons, onboard three-band EQ with swept mida send each to the built-in digi 002 standalone and delay effects processors, two further sends routed to outputs 7 and 8 for external effects or basic submixing for alternative headphone mixes, for exampleand an onboard compressor for each of the four mic-amp-equipped inputs. Should digi 002 standalone use the two extra sends for effects processing, returns would occupy some of the eight inputs. A basic snapshot memory has 24 slots for storing stand-alone settings, but these cannot be accessed via MIDI. They're really only for saving particular setups, for manual recall, and can't be chained to produce an automated mix. The onboard effects are basic but good quality; the delay maxes out at ms, and the reverb is limited to three basic algorithms and a compact parameter set.

Compressors offer control over ratio, attack and release, with soft- and hard-knee options, and they work rather well. We wish they could be used within Pro Tools! Although it's a pity that the ADAT inputs cannot be used alongside the analogue inputs in stand-alone mode it's one or the other in this modethe ADAT outs can be used. Any audio routed through the inputs can be automatically passed to the ADAT output, on a track-to-track basis, pre-fader and pre-effects. Thus the desk could be used in a basic live situation with an ADAT-equipped tape or hard-disk multitrack.

Digi / Standalone use via Adat? Ultimate Metal - Heavy Metal Forum and Community

The 's hardware resembles a compact digital mixer, featuring the familiar faders, knobs and buttons, plus a set of displays, which make the necessary assignability of the controls much easier to deal with. Email required Address never made public. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Support UI. X Donate Contact us. New posts Trending Search digi 002 standalone. What's new.

Avid is average quality at LE level. A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties. Send a private message to ReaDave. Loading digi 002 standalone content.

Find More Posts by ReaDave. Reply to digi 002 standalone topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Digidesign makes a standalone driver available for third-party audio apps, and that's the one I have loaded. Upon further investigation, I found some of the problem was due to pilot error oh, what a surprise, right?


Latest comments:. We've seen one or two mentions on Digi forums of people finding the transport keys 'sticky', but the review unit showed no digi 002 standalone of this.

Dedicated controls above the transport activate loop playback and loop recording modes, and access QuickPunch punch-in mode. Once a selection is made, you press Stop and Play again to hear it loop. Incidentally, an option for owners who would like to stick with the but get some dedicated hands-on control would be to digi 002 standalone the CM Labs Motormix. As well as switching fader banks when the Bank button above this array is active, the left-right buttons can move through the channels one at a time when the neighbouring Nudge button has been pressed.

Nudge is a useful digi 002 standalone imagine that the first 10 tracks of your Session comprise a guitar part, a lead vocal, then eight parts of backing vocals.


If you could only switch faders in banks of eight, you couldn't balance the eight tracks of BVs at the same time using the 's faders — the first bank digi 002 standalone eight would control guitar, lead vocal and six tracks of BVs, while the next bank would access two tracks of BVs and six tracks of whatever else you'd recorded. However, Nudging along two tracks while in the first fader bank puts all eight BV tracks on the faders.

Thus you can usually have your preferred section of the LE digi 002 standalone projected onto the hardware. The hidden tracks still operate as normal in the background, but you're presented with a focussed section of the mixer.

Is a Digi interface problematic with Logic? Logic Users Group

Activating the Zoom button above the Navigation array makes the cursor keys operate as horizontal and vertical zoom controls for the software, and when you have the desired track selected and are at the required zoom level in the Edit window, you can move the cursor in Grid mode in bar-length steps to approximately where you may want to start making an edit, via the transport winding keys. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of digi 002 standalone. Accept Learn more…. The time now is PM. User Name. Hello Anyone knows if the Digi Rack can be used in stand alone?


I mean, is that possible digi 002 standalone use it just as an A/D converter (analog to  Digi as a stand alone mixer? Communicating via a single FireWire connection to a Windows or Mac computer, Digi combines an audio/MIDI interface with an integrated control surface for precise hands-on mixing.

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