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Inland sites, if they exist, were not included in this survey. The rock bluffs with no recorded rock art were examined for pigment, as were the areas of coastline with no prominent rock bluffs this meant hours spent cruising past coastline looking for faint traces of pigment or carving. I agree with this perception based on my kob 266a fdsx experience on the BC Central Coast. Large highly-visible rock faces in both the project areas frequently have rock art on them.

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Nonetheless, we surveyed kob 266a fdsx that did not have visible rock bluffs and found unrecorded rock art. For example, during this research some sites low to the water and only visible close to the shore were recorded.


These would not have been found if only the rock bluffs and not the treed areas of kob 266a fdsx, were examined. In addition, one site was found accidently and was not visible from the water. We were not able to search all areas during this project. This project took place near the research areas and provided the opportunity to visit and record rock art.

The later fieldwork in the winter offall ofand summer ofwas all undertaken exclusively for this research. Kob 266a fdsx trips took place for community meetings and presentations. The table below indicates that 10 days were spent in the Heiltsuk project area and 17 days in the Wuikinuxv project area. However, the reality of doing fieldwork is that not every day is a kob 266a fdsx field day. Productive fieldwork days actually totalled 9 days in the Heiltsuk project area and 11 days in the Wuikinuxv project area. Table 1: Fieldwork summary.

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However, this was undertaken within the research area at large and only one submerged site eventually ended up in the selected project areas. Hakai Institute dive boats and staff assisted with this part of the kob 266a fdsx research. Five intertidal rock art sites one of which is included in this analysis were scuba-dived.


One additional site was searched for within the Wuikinuxv project area. Within the Wuikunuxv project area, some rock art is only visible when lake level drops in the fall and winter. The significance kob 266a fdsx winter as a time of winter ceremonies, initiations, and potlatching, might suggest that this rock art was intentionally made to be visible at certain times of the year only.

Potentially, intertidal rock art was made during times of lower sea kob 266a fdsx. Petroglyphs which are underwater now, suggest that they were made when sea levels were lower. This means that it is vulnerable to sea level rise and, as Nilsson notes regarding his study of Swedish kob 266a fdsx art, to climate change.

One way in kob 266a fdsx sea level changes may be of relevance in the study of rock art, is the possibility of minimum-dating submerged rock art. A sea level curve was published for this research area, for which I assisted in collecting field data McLaren, et al.

It presents a unique opportunity of minimum impact when compared with other archaeological survey methods which involve destruction of the record, for example excavation. Every attempt was made to put a scale in the photograph. In some instances this was not possible as the rock art was high above the water level and it would kob 266a fdsx been unsafe and time-consuming to attempt to reach it. A two-metre 3.

In the photos which do not have a scale, a verbal description of the approximate size of the rock art kob 266a fdsx in the comments on that site. During the course of this study, I learned more about photography as I went along and the kob 266a fdsx to increase the pixel count of the photographs in order to use DStretch effectively. Bythe photographic technique had become streamlined and only one camera, the Olympus OM-D E-M5, was primarily used, which was able to shoot.KOB A FDSX DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Error Scanning File Runtime Details: Coupons are subject to change without notice.


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