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Ceramic tile. Product Substitution Policy Occasionally severe back-orders or other conditions could cause a major delay in the delivery of your order. At such times, SurplusToner. Page Changing the default konica 7013 This page is intentionally blank. Page Just in case … Tips on caring for your machine What to do if problems occur Glossary Clearing paper jams Page If A Printout Jams Inside Your Machine Just in case … If a printout jams inside your machine To clear a konica 7013 jammed inside your machine: Important: Be careful not to put your hand between the top cover and the machine. Open the top cover. Open the printer cover. Remove the toner and drum cartridge. When you find one which is like yours, try the suggested solutions.

KONICA MINOLTA Toner black 16' pages -

Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Konica 7013, your fax machine encounters some trouble transmitting or receiving documents. When it does, it alerts you with an alarm. You can identify the problem with messages and printed check messages and error reports, explained in the following pages. Alarm Your fax machine sounds an alarm tone — Delete documents stored in F-Code boxes until the machine will let you pro- ceed. You cannot change the Soft key func- tion until erase the Macro key that contains the Soft key you want to change.

You can enter up to 60 steps into a macro key. Page Just in case … Reception errors. This can hap- pen if someone dials a wrong number or if the remote machine restricts access through use of a passcode. Page Caring For Your Fax Machine Just in case … Caring for your fax machine With proper installation and a little maintenance, your fax machine should give you dependable service for years to come. We will handle all warranty issues within the first 30 days of receiving the product. After that, you must contact the OEM company directly.

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Konica 7013 trademarks used on our website are used solely for the description of products. Place the document face down on the platen glass and align it with the doc- ument scale on the right, then gently close the platen cover.

The line may even be blank. Press dial number you want to redial appears.

Konica 7013

To keep this command but to continue reviewing stored commands, press. Page View The Result Of Fax Transaction View the result of fax transaction You can see 70 most recent fax transactions and result of each transactions with the following information. Page Receiving Faxes Basic operation Receiving faxes Answering calls manually In any konica 7013 mode, you can always answer calls manually if a telephone is con- nected to your machine. Just pick it up, as you would if using a normal phone. If you hear someone speaking to you, use your tele- phone to speak back.

COPY Press to turn the sort setting off. To change the default setting, see page 4.

Place your original document in face up, or on the platen glass face down just as you would konica 7013 send a fax. Page 47 Basic operation Recording paper size As default, your machine selects the paper source automatically, however if you wish to select the paper source manually, press desired paper size is displayed. The toggles the paper size in the 1st cassette, 2nd cassette if installedthe bypass tray and Auto select mode.


Note: If the bypass tray has no paper, the the bypass tray. Note: You cannot combine this feature with Reduced or Enlarged copies. Helpful tip: If you programmed a Soft key to turn on or off this feature, simply pressing that key will turn on or off this feature. Page Using Your Fax Machine Konica 7013 A Phone Basic operation Using your fax machine as a phone Your fax machine can also be used as a phone, if a telephone is connected to your fax machine. Cleaning cloth Suitable for laser printers Zoom in Description This toner cloth acts like a magnet and attracts toner powder holding the powder in it's fibers. I would like to receive product information regarding my printer:.KONICA is the perfect communication centre for small companies, departments and teams. It offers the very latest faxing, copying, printing and scanning.

Konica Printers and MFPs technical specifications database.

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